Prof. Monique Steegers

Monique Steegers is a professor since 2019 for pain- and palliative care at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers and is connected as an anesthesiologist pain-palliative care specialist to the anesthesiology department. She wants to improve the quality of life especially for patients with acute and chronic pain and for those patients having pain and cancer in every stage of their life. This is by improving pain-practices by education and research. She is internationally known as the registrar of an interventional pain-exam since 2015, the FIPP and the CIPS from the WIP, and she is the chair of the IASP chapter of the Netherlands PA!N.

Before working in Amsterdam she worked more than 27 years at the Radboud university medical center, in the end as an associate professor and a junior principal lecturer.

Main interest of research and education: interdisciplinary education of pain and palliative medicine, the mechanism of chronification, the treatment of acute- and chronic neuropathic pain and pain caused by cancer.