Prof. Javier De Andres

Dr. Javier De Andrés Ares is a board certified Anesthesiologist since 1997. He graduated from Universidad Complutense-Madrid in June 1990, completed his anesthesiology residency at Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo 1996 and is Fellow in Interventional Pain Practice from the World Institute of Pain 2008. He obtained Hassenbusch Award in 2008 from the World Institute of Pain. He received his PhD after six years study on Facetogenic Low back Pain from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He currently is the Head of Pain Unit at Hospital Universitario La Paz-Madrid, and is co-director at “Clínica del Dolor Hospital Santa Elena-Madrid”. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor in Universidad Miguel de Cervantes and collaborates with Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He is Head of Spanish Pain Radiofrequency Interest Group, from the Spanish Pain Society (IASP). He is an active member of several societies, including the World Institute of Pain, Spine Intervention Society, and Spanish Pain Society.

He has more than 20 years’ experience as a pain clinic director in public and private practice and speaks nationally and internationally on topics of pain medicine and interventional pain management. He has special interest in Spinal and Facial Pain.

Dr. De Andrés Ares is the current Chair of WIP Iberian Section (Portugal & Spain) and member of the EXECUTIVE BOARD of the WORLD INSTITUTE OF PAIN.