Prof. Gül Köknel Talu

Dr. Gul Koknel Talu is a chair of Department of Algology, Medical Faculty of Istanbul University, Turkey. She completed her degree as an anesthesiologist from the Department of Anesthesiology, İstanbul University, Turkey. She was a Pediatric ICU fellowship at Childrens medical center,Dallas,TX,1994 and also a Pain fellowship at Department of Algology, of İstanbul University Medical Faculty,1997-2002. She is a member of Turkish Pain Association, Turkish Anesthesiology and Reanimation Association, Turkish Palliative Care Association and Turkish Pain Board. She is an editor to 10 Turkish medical books on pain, more than 40 Turkish pain chapters, 2 pain chapters in International Pain (Interventional Spine an algorithmic approach, Saunders,Interventional Pain Management, Saunders and also an Editor in-Chief of the Journal of AGRI(pain).