Prof. Serdar Erdine

Prof. Serdar Erdine MD, FIPP
(Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice)

Date of Birth: 19.10.1954

Nationality: Turkish

Personal Address: Istanbul Pain Center, Çamlık Caddesi No:31, 3. Levent, 34330, Istanbul, Turkey


– 1965-1972, High School: Kadıköy Maarif College (Education all in english)
– 1972-1978 – Graduated from Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University in 1978
– 1978-1982 Residency:Completed residency Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation of Medical Faculty of Istanbul, Istanbul University in 1982
– 1986 ;Associate Professor in Anesthesiology
– 1991: Professor of Anesthesiology
– 1990-2011 Professor and Founder and Chairman of Department of Algology(Pain Medicine)
– 2012: Specialist in Algology (Pain Medicine)
-2000 Chair of Istanbul Pain Center,since 2000

Activities – Membership

– Founder and President of Turkish Society of Algology 1993-2015
– Founder and Former President of Turkish Society of Regional Anesthesia 1993-1995,1998-2003
– Former Turkish Representative in European Society of Regional Anesthesia 1993-2001
– Former Member of the executive Board of Neuromodulation Society 1995-2000
– Treasurer of EFIC/European Federation of IASP Chapters , 1996-1999
– Honorary Secretary of EFIC, 1999-2002
– President Elect of EFIC, 2002-2005
– President of EFIC, 2005-2008
– Past President of EFIC, 2008-2011
– Founding member of World Institute of Pain-WIP,1994
– General Secretary of WIP,1994-1999
– Vice President of WIP,1999-2002
– President Elect of WIP, 2005-2008
– President of WIP , 2008-2011
– Chair of Board of Examination – WIP, 2005-2008
– CEO of the World Institute of Pain Foundation 2009-2014
– Member of the World Health Organization Advisory Expert Panel on Drug Dependence.2007-2011,2011-2014,2014-2016
– Current Member of the Executive Board of World Institute of Pain
– Member of the Procacci Pain Foundation in Italy
– Trustee of Nopain Foundation in Malta


– Editor of Turkish Journal of Pain-cited in index medicus 1988-2012


Awarded as the Young leader in medicine/Turkish Jaysees,1991for being the pioneer for Pain Medicine in Turkey
Chyristal Seagulf award by the Highschool he graduated given to outstanding students
Life Time Achievement Award,2012, Medical Chamber of Istanbul, for establishing Pain Medicine in Turkey
Center of Excellence in Pain Practice Award for Comprehensive Multidisciplanary Pain Practice by World Institute of Pain in 2013
Honorary Member of European Pain Federation
Trail Brazzers award by World Insitute of Pain 2017
Invited Speaker on National and International Level

– Invited speaker in 170 lectures on international level
– Invited speaker in 200 lectures on national level


– Author of 25 books in Turkish
– Editor-co editor of 8 books in English

Management of Pain A World Perspective I
Volume 1,2, P.Raj, S.Erdine, D.Niv, S.Raja
Proceedings of the 6th International Congress, Pain Clinic, Atlanta 15-20 April 1994, Copyright 1995. Monduzzi Press Italy
Management of Pain A World Perspective II, Volume 1,2, S.Erdine, P.Raj,D.Niv
Proceedings of the 7th International Pain Congress Istanbul, 1996. Monduzzi Press 1997 Italy
Management of Pain A World Perspective III, J.De Vera,W.Parris, S.Erdine
Proceedings of the 8th International Pain Congress Teneriffe, Spain,1998, Monduzzi Press
Textbook of Regional Anesthesia, P.P.Raj,/ co /editor, S.Erdine, 2001,Blackwell Sciences, New York
Radiological Imaging for Interventional Pain Techniques, P.Raj,L.Lou,S.Erdine,P.Staats, Churchill Livingstone, 2002
Radiographic Imaging for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management, P Raj, L.Lou, S.Erdine, PS Staats, SD Waldman, Churchill Livingstone, 2003
Interventional Pain Management: Image Guided Procedures, Prithvi Raj, Leland Lou, Serdar Erdine, Peter Staats, Steven Waldman, Gabor Racz, Michael Hammer, David Niv, James Heavner, Saunders Elsevier, 2008.
Pain Relieving Procedures,Step by Step Illustrated Guide,Serdar Erdine,Prithvi Raj, Wiley Blackwell,2012
Author of 200 articles in international or national level mainly on interventional pain management.
Congresses he organized

– Organizer of 15 National Congresses on Pain Medicine in Turkey
– Organizer of World Congress of World Society of Pain Clinicians ,Istanbul,1996
– Organizer of the Annual Congress of European Society of Regional Anesthesia, Istanbul,1999
– Organizer of 3rd World Congress of World Institute of Pain, Istanbul,2001
– Organizer of the Pain in Europe V, triennial Congress of European Pain Federation , Istanbul,2006