Prof. Marshall  Devor

Marshall Devor is the Alpert Professor of Pain Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (HUJI). He was born in Toronto, Canada in 1949. His bachelor’s degree is from Princeton University (1970) and his PhD from MIT (1975). He was a postdoctoral fellow with the pain research pioneer Prof. P.D. Wall at University College London and subsequently at HUJI. There he progressed from Research Associate (1977) to Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and finally Professor in 1988. His research has focused on the neurobiology of neuropathic pain, and more recently also on mechanisms involved in loss of consciousness and pain-free surgery. His laboratory has published extensively in the pain field, with work of a notably integrative nature involving neurophysiology, computer simulations, neuroanatomy (light and electron microscopy), genetics, and behavioral models. Authored ~300 publications, career citations ~30,000, h-index = 86.