Dr. Shahzad Anwar

Dr. Shahzad Anwar is an acclaimed Interventional Spine & Pain Physician and Regenerative Medicine Specialist, who has made noteworthy contributions to the medical field, particularly in Pakistan. As the first Pakistani doctor to earn Diplomat American Board of Regenerative Medicine and Fellow of American Board of Regenerative Medicine, he has set a precedent for his peers and future specialists in the country.

Dr. Anwar’s educational background is extensive and internationally recognized. He holds an MSc in Pain Medicine and is a Diplomat in Pain Medicine from Harvard University. He has also completed a Fellowship in Pain Medicine from Hungary, and a Fellowship in Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) from the World Institute of Pain, USA.

In addition to his professional practice, Dr. Anwar plays a pivotal role in academia and health administration. He is the Director of the School of Pain and Regenerative Medicine (SPRM) at The University of Lahore, where he is instrumental in shaping the future of these specialized fields. As the CEO of Iffat Anwar Medical Complex, a 130-bed tertiary care facility, he oversees a significant component of the healthcare infrastructure.

Dr. Anwar is the founder and current President of the Society for Interventional Pain Medicine (SIPM) in Pakistan. His commitment to enhancing the field of pain medicine extends beyond his own practice, through his active role in the society.

An accomplished author, Dr. Anwar has penned a book and has over 100 internationally published articles to his name. His written works serve as a valuable resource for professionals in the field, further solidifying his influence in the realm of pain and regenerative medicine.

Equally passionate about training physicians, Dr. Anwar is heavily involved in educating others in the specialties of Pain Medicine and Regenerative Medicine. His influence on the next generation of physicians is likely to have a profound impact on the future of these fields.

In summary, Dr. Shahzad Anwar is a highly respected figure in the field of Pain and Regenerative Medicine, known for his significant contributions to medical practice, scholarly research, and physician education.